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Two Bedroom Apartments in Gainesville, FL

One of the most popular apartment sizes, two bedroom apartments offer two separate bedrooms independent of the living room, kitchen, and bathroom(s). Two bedroom apartments are perfect for renters who want a roommate and the advantages that come with it (lower living costs, not living alone), but prefer a quieter arrangement than would be possible in a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment with multiple roommates. While they are more expensive than one bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments are often cheaper when looked at from a “per bedroom” price. That is, each roommate generally pays less than if they each rented a one-bedroom apartment.

One feature that varies among apartment communities is the layout of the bathroom(s) in two bedroom units. They can have one or two bathrooms, and some may have a “Jack and Jill” bathroom which is accessed on each end by the two bedrooms. In some cases, two bedroom apartments feature a larger bedroom labeled as a master bedroom, with its own bathroom. In those cases, there is generally a second bathroom accessed from the hall for use by the second, smaller bedroom.

Because this arrangement is ideal for students, many (if not most) apartment communities in Gainesville offer two bedroom apartments. Renters can choose from a wide range of available two bedroom apartments, including all price ranges, locations, and amenities. Use the filters below to narrow the list of options and find the perfect two bedroom apartment for you!

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