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Three Bedroom Apartments in Gainesville

Apartments with three bedrooms are somewhat less common, but offer a great value for sharing with roommates. These apartments have three independent bedrooms separated from the living room and kitchen area. Generally, three bedroom apartments include two bathrooms, which are shared between the residents. However, Gainesville Apartment & Condo Guide does feature several apartment communities that offer 3 BR / 3 Bath units, allowing each of the roommates to have their own bathroom. If you choose to have three total roommates and require the third bathroom, be sure to specify that preference to the left under “# of Bathrooms.”

If the price is right for two roommates to rent a three-bedroom apartment, the third bedroom can be converted into a guest bedroom, office, or creative space. Three bedroom apartments in Gainesville are a great option for college students who want more value for their rental dollars.

We have three bedroom apartments in all areas of Gainesville, including near the University of Florida and Sante Fe College, and featuring a wide range of amenities, including garages, washers and dryers, and walk-in closets. Many of our apartment communities have great outdoor entertainment spaces, including pools, fitness centers, game rooms, and outdoor kitchens / grills. Make your apartment search a snap by choosing from the features to the left, and let Gainesville Apartment & Condo Guide find the perfect three-bedroom apartment for you!

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