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Four Bedroom Apartments in Gainesville

Four bedroom apartments are the largest common apartment layout, with four bedrooms separate from the living and kitchen areas. They often feature a large common area and are ideal for both four separate individuals sharing a space as well as for families. Apartments which have four bedrooms typically only have two bathrooms, making the ratio of the number of people per bathroom a little higher than with smaller apartment sizes. However, if having your own bathroom is important, we do have several listings that offer separate bathrooms for each of the four bedrooms. Be sure to specify that preference in the “# of Bathrooms” to the left. Whichever bathroom layout you choose, the rental rates tend to be less expensive per person, making a four-bedroom apartment a great choice for students.

Because the four-bedroom layout is so popular with college students, there are many options in Gainesville. In addition, our apartment communities further cater to the student market by offering individual leases, allowing a student to be responsible only for their bedroom (a fractional portion of the total rent) instead of the being legally responsible for the entire apartment, which is common with a traditional lease.

You can begin your apartment search here by choosing your location and preferred community amenities from the filters on the left. If you are a group of students interested in individual leases, be sure to select that option under “Lease Type” to the left to narrow in on the best option for you and your roommates. Happy hunting!

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