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Apartments with by the Bedroom Leases

For many students in the Gainesville, FL area, renting an apartment by the bedroom, instead of a traditional apartment lease offers the ideal solution for student housing. Many of the apartment communities in the areas surrounding the colleges and universities in Gainesville, including both the University of Florida as well as Santa Fe College, offer this convenient and affordable option.

A “By the Bedroom” lease is just what it sounds like. Each tenant within the larger apartment is only obligated to the landlord for their bedroom, instead of being liable for the lease on the entire apartment. So, even if one or more of your roommates moves out, you are only responsible for your portion of the rent.

In terms of living space, these types of apartments offer private bathrooms with each bedroom. You would then share the living areas and kitchen with your roommates. If you already know who you’d like to live with, you can work with the apartment management office concerning roommates, or they will assign roommates to your apartment if that is a better fit.

Gainesville Apartment & Condo Guide has all the best options for leases by the bedroom in Gainesville. Your hunt for the perfect student housing starts here!

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