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Apartments with Conventional Leases

Apartment community owners in Gainesville understand that different people have different housing needs depending on their situations. Some people need short-term, furnished apartments, while others need housing geared towards the student lifestyle and calendar. At Gainesville Apartment & Condo Guide, we offer a wide range of apartments featuring lease types that accommodate your unique situation.

The most common lease type is the conventional apartment lease. This is typically an unfurnished apartment with a 12-month lease for the entire apartment. Each person on a conventional lease is liable for the rent on the entire apartment. A conventional lease makes sense for young families, working professionals with stable employment in the area, older people that no longer want the hassle of home ownership, and many others. The location, size, and rental rates for these conventional lease apartments vary considerably by community so you are sure to find just the right apartment for your lifestyle and budget.

With this list of apartment communities in the Gainesville, FL area that offer conventional leases, we have started your apartment hunt for you. From here, simply choose your location, size and amenities from the choices in the orange QUICK SEARCH bar across the top of this page, and our website will narrow in the list of options for you, making your search for the perfect apartment a breeze.

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