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Apartments Near the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville

For students at UF, living in an apartment near the University provides an important convenience, making it easy to get to classes on time with little hassle.

Gainesville Apartment and Condo Guide offers a wide array of apartments and communities, with varying amenities and sizes, near UF. Whether you need a cozy studio or want to share a 4-bedroom with roommates, we’ve got just the right apartment for your time at UF. Many of the communities provide Internet access, pools, and exercise facilities. If your dog or cat came to school with you, you can even sort your options by whether or not the apartments are pet-friendly.

And, because these communities serve the students of the University of Florida and understand the housing needs of those on the academic calendar, there are plenty of apartment communities that offer lease terms that match your school year. In addition, in some cases, you can sign an individual lease for your bedroom, instead of being on a joint lease for the entire apartment with your roommates. You can filter your search results here to specify the lease length and lease type that fits your needs.

Apartments near UF keep you close to all the action, offer nearby public transportation and the ability to walk or bike to school, and provide communities filled with other students.

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