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Family Apartments in Gainesville, FL

A family has unique needs when looking for the perfect rental apartment. It isn’t just an ‘apartment;’ it is the family’s home. In addition to size, location, and features requirements, families want to create a home in a safe, family-friendly environment, near other families with children. Some apartment communities are modeled specifically for family living, with the needs and wants of families in mind. The ideal family apartment community is located away from college campuses, reducing the noise levels and late night activity. Fortunately, Gainesville offers a wide range of options for family-friendly apartment living. We’ve narrowed down the best of family apartment communities here to make your search a snap!

One of the most important aspects of a good family apartment is space. Family members need their own space, and that means living areas, outdoor spaces, and plenty of bedrooms. Apartment communities wanting to create a family-friendly atmosphere often have playgrounds and other outdoor spaces such as basketball courts, a pool, and tennis courts. Many of the apartments featured here offer up to four bedrooms.

In addition to space, families with kids need access to great schools. Gainesville Apartment and Condo Guide also allows you to search for an apartment by school district. Simply choose the school, apartment size and features you need, and we’ll find just the right apartment for your family.

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