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Student Apartments in Gainesville, FL

Apartments designed for college students combine value, close proximity to the school’s campus, and a socially active environment. Gainesville is fortunate to have two great colleges and lots of options for student apartments. Many of the apartment communities featured here are within walking and biking distance to school and offer larger layouts, with more bedrooms, providing a cost-effective rate per bedroom/student. Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason; the weather in Gainesville is ideal for outdoor spaces and activities that create opportunities for a socially active community, including pools, basketball and tennis courts, and other outdoor entertaining spaces.

Lease options for students differ from conventional apartments as well, with the option of shorter lease terms (to match the semester or 9-month academic calendar) or individual leases for tenants within the same apartment. Students on individual leases are responsible for their bedroom and bathroom, but are not collectively held accountable for the apartment as a whole. These additional lease options give students the extra flexibility they need.

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