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Budget Questions

Ask these budget questions when you tour an apartment/house:

  1. What is the monthly rent?
  2. What’s included in that rent‚ utilities, water, gas, internet, cable?
  3. What’s not included and what is the average monthly cost for electric, water, gas, internet, cable and garbage disposal?
  4. Do you have a pet? Factor in the deposit and fees for the pet at the apartment community and monthly cost for food, medical and grooming care.
  5. Do not forget the insurance before you sign your lease.  See how much it will cost monthly to insure your apartment or house.
  6. Do not forget you will need fuel for your scooter or car‚ or are you going to use the bus?
  7. How much do you spend monthly on a meal plan or groceries?
  8. Do not spend so much on rent that you cannot see a movie or go to dinner with your friends and have a little fun.
  9. What do you spend on clothing, shoes, and accessories monthly or yearly?
  10. It is good to save a little money every month to cover those unexpected emergencies. Decide how much money you can save every month because every little bit counts.

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