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Neighborhoods in Gainesville

If you think that Gainesville is nothing more than a college town, think again!  Sure, the University of Florida and its students are a big part of this city, but there's a whole lot more here.  In fact, there are dozens of different neighborhoods where you can find a great apartment.

Here's how you find the neighborhood that's right for you:


-  Decide which part of town you want to live in

No matter where you live, you're going to have an easy commute.  In fact, the average Gainesville resident spends less than 20 minutes getting to and from work every day -- making this city home to some of the shortest commutes in the country!  So, you don't necessarily have to find an apartment for rent that's close to work.  Even if you're on the other side of town, you'll still be "close"!

Whether you dream of overlooking Newmans Lake, or you want to spend your free time at Haile Plantation Golf and Country Club, you can do it!


-  Figure out how much you're willing to spend

As you've probably guessed, getting an apartment smack in the middle of Gainesville is going to cost you more than living a little further out.  If you're looking for upscale apartments, one of the best places to find them is between NW 34th Street and NW 13th Street, on the northern edge of the UF campus.  If you don't want to be surrounded by college kids, you'll find another upscale neighborhood just east of I-75, between Milhopper Road and NW 39th Avenue.

If you're looking for the most affordable apartments for rent in Gainesville, you're likely to find them on the southwest side of town -- specifically, just west of I-75, between SW Archer Road and SW 24th Avenue.


-  Decide if you want an urban or a rural lifestyle

Gainesville is an interesting mix of fast-paced urban life and slower rural life, and you can get to either in a matter of minutes!  So, if you want an apartment that's within walking distance to Gainesville's most popular restaurants and bars, you can get it.  Or, if you want a Gainesville-area apartment that offers a little less hustle and bustle -- and a bigger emphasis on nature -- you can get that, too!

Want the best of both worlds?  There are several historic neighborhoods right around Downtown Gainesville.  If you decide to rent an apartment in one of them, you'll be close to all of the activity, but you'll live on tree-lined streets, with ducks swimming in the nearby ponds.  And, as an added benefit, there are so many historical neighborhoods to choose from that you don't necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg renting your Gainesville apartment!

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