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Things You Can Expect from Apartments in Gainesville, FL

While the apartments in Gainesville, FL, come in virtually every shape, size, and style you can imagine, there are a few things that these complexes tend to have in common.  So, when you're looking for a Gainesville apartment, you can typically expect:


1.  Free roommate matching

New to town and not sure who to live with?  No problem!  Many of the apartment complexes in Gainesville offer a free roommate matching service.  You'll fill out a questionnaire about everything from your smoking preference to your study habits, and then the apartment staff will figure who's likely to make a great roommate for you. also offers free Roommate matching service in an online version.


2.  An easy way to get to campus

Since the vast majority of people living in Gainesville's apartments are students at the University of Florida, you won't have to worry about being too far from campus.  Some of these complexes are actually so close that you can walk to class (what a great way to get some exercise AND save money on a campus parking pass!), while others are on the UF bus route.

Even if your apartment isn't on the bus route, it still won't be hard to get to campus.  In fact, most of Gainesville's apartments are within a few miles of UF's campus.


3.  New appliances

Because there are so many apartments in Gainesville to choose from, the management staffs know they have to really work hard to attract tenants.  As a result, many of them will offer brand new appliances.  That way, you won't have to cook your dinner or wash your clothes in something that looks older than you are.  Plus, you'll get to take advantage of lower electric bills!


4.  A business center

Terrified that your laptop is going to die right as you're finishing that mammoth term paper?  If you live in the right Gainesville apartment, it's not a problem!  That's because many complexes have a state-of-the-art business center where you can use a computer, print things out, make copies, and access the internet.  As an added benefit, most of these business centers are available to residents 24/7!


5.  Student-friendly leases

Think it's a complete waste of money to sign a year-long lease when you're only going to live in Gainesville for nine months out of the year?  So do many of the apartment complexes around town!  Because there is such a large student population here, lots of Gainesville apartments come with 9-month leases.  Some will even have lease terms that are shorter than that, so if you've only got one semester to go, you won't be committed to your apartment after you graduate.

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