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You probably already know that the city of Gainesville, FL, is a great place for college students.  However, Gainesville is also perfect for growing families, thanks to its great school system and fun attractions.  And, because most things in Gainesville are so close to each other, it's a convenient place to live -- no matter how old you are!


Getting out and exploring Gainesville is as easy as navigating the four big roads that run east-west and the five roads that run north-south.  That being said, when it comes time for you to search for apartments near UF, you're likely to see them organized into these 3 groups:


1.  The Archer Road Area


If you see apartments that sit on 34th Street, Tower Road, Williston Road, and of course, Archer Road, they're all in the same general area.  Gainesville's busiest intersection is Archer and SW 34th Street, so this is where you'll find a ton of shopping, eating, and entertainment options -- making it a convenient place to rent an apartment!


As an added benefit, apartments in the Archer Road Area are only a quick car ride (or even a short walk!) to the UF campus.  Plus, if you live in one of the many apartment communities in this area, you'll have quick access to the other parts of Gainesville.  From this area, it's only about two miles to I-75, about three miles to Main Street and Downtown Gainesville, and only about three miles to the Newberry Area off I-75.


2.  The Downtown Area


If you see apartments in the Downtown Area, they're likely referring to communities along University Avenue, Main Street, and 13th Street.  Living in this area gives you, perhaps, the best taste of "artsy Gainesville", because it's full of fine dining, eclectic shopping, unique art, and interesting options for entertainment.  Whether you're a college student or a young adult, you'll never run out of things to do here!


As an added benefit, if you're a UF student, you'll have an easy commute to campus from the apartment communities in this area.  As far as getting around the rest of the town is considered, the Downtown Area is perfect because two of the city's biggest roads -- University Avenue and Main Street -- run right through it.  Plus, the Gainesville Regional Airport is only about five miles away from here.  The Oaks Mall and I-75 are also just a few miles away.  In short, it's a convenient place to live no matter what you're interested in doing in your free time!


3.  The Midtown Area


Apartments advertised in the Midtown Area,  are between 16th/23rd Avenue or University/Newberry Avenue.   (Yes, those avenue names are interchangeable as you drive through town!)


In Gainesville, the term "Midtown" refers to the area surrounding the UF campus -- which makes it the heart of Gainesville.  So, if you're a UF student who's looking for an easy commute and easy access to entertainment, Midtown is the place to be!  There are plenty of restaurants here, along with a bustling nightlife.  This is also where most of the tailgating is done during football season, so you'll see plenty of friendly faces here!


When it comes time to leave Midtown, you won't have much trouble.  That's because it's only a few miles from the Archer Road and Downtown Areas.  In a matter of minutes, you could arrive anywhere from the Oaks Mall to Butler Plaza.


One final note -- if you're not going to have a car while you're living in Gainesville, there are plenty of bus routes that can take you all over town.  So, don't base your final apartment decision on whatever happens to be closest to your classrooms.  Instead, find an area that suits your particular lifestyle, and let RTS handle the rest!

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