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Shopping in Gainesville

Even though there are plenty of "other" people who live here, Gainesville is primarily a college town.  And since college kids love spending Mom and Dad's money, there are plenty of places around town to give your credit card a workout. 


The good news?  Some places target customers with teeny-tiny, student-sized budgets, so they offer great deals.  Not EVERY retailer in Gainesville is focused solely on college students, though.  There are plenty of stores for shoppers of all ages.


Here are some of our favorite places to go shopping in Gainesville:



-  Butler Plaza


Located on Archer Road -- one of Gainesville's biggest streets -- Butler Plaza is known to the locals as "The Miracle Mile", and with good reason!  This is the largest retail center in the southeastern U.S., and it's home to everything from restaurants, to clothing stores, to bookstores, to office supply stores, two shoe stores, to grocery stores, to big box stores.  So, whether you're looking to treat yourself or you need to run your everyday errands, you can do it here.



-  The Oaks Mall


If you're looking for the biggest number of Gainesville stores all under the same roof, you'll find them here.  Located right off I-75 on Newberry Road, the Oaks Mall is home to several department stores, other big-name stores you know and love, and some locally-owned stores -- including Gator Mania, a go-to destination for Florida Gators gear.


-  Tioga Town Center


Although it's not officially located in the city of Gainesville (technically, it sits in the town of Tioga), this is another favorite among Gainesville locals.  Inside, you'll find a number of places that cater to the fitness-conscious -- including the Tioga branch of Gainesville Health and Fitness and the Gainesville Running and Walking Store.


If you're more of a sit-and-drink-coffee type, you'll be happy to know that Tioga Town Center is also home to a Starbucks.  Once you've gotten your caffeine fix, you can head to the unique boutiques and jewelry stores nearby.  And, if you're hungry after all of that shopping, you'll have plenty of restaurants to choose from!


-  Haile Plantation


Pet lovers -- this place is for you!  Among other things, Haile Plantation is home to Sweet Paws Bakery.  But that's not all.  A number of other unique retailers call Haile Plantation home -- including the Haile Village Farmers Market.


Luckily, it's easy to get here from virtually any part of Gainesville, because it sits just past I-75.


-  Downtown Gainesville


Why drive all over town when you can do all of your shopping smack dab in the middle of Gainesville?!  In the Downtown area, you'll find some of the finest dining in town and a number of locally-owned shops that sell unique treasures.  If you want to buy something that's truly "Gainesville", this is the place to do it. 


And, as an added benefit, the Downtown area is where you can find a number of popular bars and clubs.  So, if you want to let loose after a long day of shopping, you can do it right here!

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