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Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) serves the Gainesville urban area with electricity, gas, water, wastewater, and telecommunications services. You will need to contact GRU to turn on your power for your new apartment/home.

Before GRU is able to activate your utilities they will need information about you. With this information GRU will be able to start your application for service. You can apply for services either on the phone or online at

Be sure to have the following information when you contact GRU:

·       Address of location to start services

·       Date to start services

·       Social Security number

·       Driver’s license and state (if applicable)

·       Bank account number

A credit check is required by GRU before they will start your service. If you have a positive credit rating, GRU will start your services without requiring a deposit. If your credit rating is not up to par, GRU will require that you place a deposit to start utility services. A deposit can be substituted for a letter of credit from a previous utility provider if it shows an excellent payment record for at least 24 months.

GRU states a deposit will be equal to approximately 2 months’ average billing cost. GRU will apply your deposit to your monthly bill after two years of payments. GRU will apply the deposit to your final bill and refund the remaining balance if you stop service before a two-year period,.

In addition to a deposit, here are some connecting fees associated with starting your service:

Electric, Gas & Water     $100

Electric & Water              $60

Electric & Gas                 $70

Electric Only                    $30

Gas Only                         $50

Water Only                      $30

Water & Gas                   $70

Prices are accurate as of September 2013      

Starting service on a holiday or weekend carries an additional $50 charge. There is an additional $40 charge if you require same-day service to connect.

You will not have service, if you do not pay your bill! Maintain monthly payments in order to continue your service once GRU starts your utility service.

REMINDER: Running an air conditioning unit in Florida in the summer is expensive. Bills in the summer are always higher than other months.


Things to do to help keep electric costs down:

In the summer set A/C temperatures at 78 degrees or higher and in the winter set heat temperature at 68 degrees or lower. Every degree helps!

Lessen the workload on your A/C unit by keeping your air conditioning filters clean.

Follow up with your management or landlord if your A/C unit is not functioning properly or it has not been serviced. The A/C should be serviced each spring.

Remove debris and prune shrubs (i.e. Leaves and grass) away from your air conditioning unit. Debris and overgrown shrubs can prevent airflow.

Ceiling fans, oscillating fans or box fans are more cost-more efficient than A/C.

Screen sunlight during the warm months with window shades, curtains, or blinds and open the window coverings during the cooler months and let the heat from the sun in.

During the spring and fall seasons open your windows instead of using the A/C but for safety reasons, sleeping with the windows open is not the best option.

Windows and doors should have the proper seals to prevent air from leaking in or out.

Turn the lights off and do not leave the TV or stereo on when you are not home.

Unplug appliances that you are not using.

Keep showers under 10 minutes.

When using the washing machine use the cold cycle instead of the hot or warm cycle.

Wait until you have a full load to run the washer or dishwasher.

Dryer filters should be cleaned after each use.



GRU Budget Pay

Budget Pay means your utility bill amount is the same each month. GRU offers this to students as a convenient way to pay their utility bills.

A fixed payment is established by averaging the monthly bills of your residence for the past 12 months.

Budget Pay levels the seasonal highs and lows of the utility bill.

Automatic payments are deducted from your checking or savings account.

Monthly statements showing payment amount and date of payment withdrawal will be sent to you.

This plan has no cutoffs or late fees.

Total payments will approximate your total charges for the year.

GRU will contact you to determine an adjusted fixed payment amount for the following months, if your account is overpaid or underpaid by one month.

Contact GRU at 334-3434 or  to learn more about Budget Pay.

GRU provided the above information.

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