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Communication is crucial whether it’s communication with a roommate, management, neighbor, police, etc. when living in a community. It is important to understand what is expected of you and live within those standards. If you feel you have been mistreated or misunderstood, it is important to be able to communicate to solve the problem. The first person who is part of your community is a roommate.

Roommates are not for everyone, but if you are thinking about having a roommate, take the roommate quiz. It will help you understand what goes into having a roommate and help you decide if you are ready for a roommate.

A roommate is a great way to divide the expenses of an apartment,  but it should not be the only reason why you want a roommate.

There are several student apartment communities in Gainesville that offer private bedrooms and baths, but you share the living room, kitchen and dining room (common areas). Other apartments and homes you could share the bedroom and bath or just the bath. If you don’t want to share a bedroom or a bathroom, you need to make sure your apartment offers private bedrooms and baths.

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