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Communication with Management

It is important to talk with the management just like is it is important to talk to your roommate. Tell management if something is broken and needs repair, if you have damaged something, if you are not getting along with your roommate, or if you are having trouble paying your rent. These are things to discuss in a timely manner with management.  Below are tips in maintaining positive communication and relationship with you and management.

Tips for positive interactions:

What if my landlord refuses repairs?

If you follow the exact requirements of the law, you may be able to withhold your rent or terminate your lease. You must give the landlord a written notice demanding the repairs be made in seven days and the notice must indicate your intention to terminate the lease or withhold rent if the repairs are not made. NOTE! You should obtain legal advice before attempting to terminate your lease or withhold rent. See Student Legal Services! This is a complicated process and the legal consequences are very serious.

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