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Being a Good Neighbor

The neighbor is the third part of the community. If you live in an apartment community or condominium with more than one floor, you have neighbors above, below, to your left and right. If you are renting a house, you have neighbors to the left, right, behind or in front of you. Keep in mind not all your neighbors are college students and not all of your neighbors have the same lifestyle that you do.

It is important to meet and talk to your neighbors about what you both need in order to live amicably in the same community. Having parties every weekend will not make your neighbors happy if they have small children and your noise is keeping them up.  If they call and ask you to quiet down, respect their needs and comply.  If you don’t lower the noise the next call will be to the police. Living in a community is a rewarding experience and it requires give-and-take and the need to set expectations. Below are tips to help you and your neighbors establish a positive community.

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