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City Codes

There are codes for noise, occupancy, parking, lawn maintenance, garbage disposal, and much more in the City of Gainesville and all residents must abide by them.

Below are the city codes students need to know about. For more details, please visit and see Codes and Ordinances.

The most common complaint - Noise

Gainesville takes an active approach in enforcement of noise complaints.

A noise disturbance, as defined by the ordinance, is any sound which:

Disorderly conduct

The Disorderly Conduct Ordinance prohibits behaviors that promote or provoke a disturbance, brawl, assault or nuisance. Included are fighting words, unlawful congregation that hinders vehicular or pedestrian traffic, resisting or hindering the performance of the duties of a police officer or city official, or destroying or damaging private or personal property.


The Gainesville Code of Ordinances restricts the number of unrelated people living in a residence to no more than three. If you share a house with roommates, you must restrict the number of occupants to three or seek appropriate housing in a multi-family district.

Household garbage and trash

Garbage containers are to be placed in front of your residence or at the curb no earlier than the evening before your scheduled trash collection day. Garbage containers are to be stored behind the building/house, screened from view or placed in an enclosed structure on all other days. For information on pickup of garbage, recycling, or yard trash, contact the Gainesville Solid Waste Division at 334-5040.


In Gainesville residential areas, passenger vehicles are permitted to be parked in approved driveways only. Parking in the front yard of a residence is prohibited by the Gainesville Code of Ordinances. If you have any questions about the parking regulations, you can contact the City of Gainesville Code Enforcement Division at 334-5030.

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