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Hurricane Preparations


1. Supplies kit  


2. A personal evacuation plan

Decide where you could go if you are told to evacuate. Choose several locations, family, friends, hotel/motel, and/or shelter. Have the telephone numbers of these alternatives as well as a map and directions.

3. A communication plan with parents/guardians/family/friends

Tell your family about your plans for evacuation during a storm. Plan with your family when you will contact them and make sure they have your cell phone number. An out of state friend or family member could be used as a point person for communication.

4. Watch TV and listen to the radio

Evacuation instructions and updates on the storm path will be given on local TV and radio. Evacuate IMMEDIATELY if you are advised to evacuate.

5. What to do and take when evacuating

6. High winds preparation

Purchase outdoor plywood boards for each window and glass door of your home or install hurricane shutters. Pre-drill holes and install anchors in the plywood so that you can put it up quickly. Remove diseased and damaged limbs from all the trees around your home and then strategically remove branches so that wind can blow through. The mobile or manufactured home should have tie-downs.

7. Home exterior  preparation

Secure or bring in all lawn furniture, recycling bins, trash cans, hanging plants, outdoor decorations or anything that can be picked up by the wind.

8. Fill your gas tank

Gas stations cannot pump gas when the power is out. Fill up before the storm.

9. Supplies for disaster kits you should stock

Medications, water, nonperishable foods, first aid supplies, flashlights and batteries.

10. Pet supplies for evacuation

11.  You will need cash

ATMs cannot provide cash when the power is out

12. Things to do when the hurricane arrives

13. Things to do when the hurricane is over

14. Information on shelters

Check local newspapers, radio stations, local TV news, and

15. Visit the following web sites or call the following hotlines for more information

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