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Walking, riding a bike or a scooter might be the best option if your apartment is close to campus. If you live further out, then you can ride a bus or drive. There are many apartment communities in Gainesville located on the RTS bus routes that make it easy for you to ride a bus to Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. Driving is an option too, but you will have to deal with traffic and finding parking on campus.

Walking - Walking is a great way to get to and from classes if you are close to campus, but be safe and don’t walk home in the dark or in parts of the city you do not know. Walking saves you money and time if your apartment is close to campus.

Biking - Gainesville is a bike friendly community. Most major streets have bike lanes and drivers are learning to share the road with cyclists. Here are tips to keep you safe and within the law:


Public Transportation -  RTS routes 10, 23, 39, 43, and 76 provide direct service to Santa Fe’s NW campus.  Feeder routes to the Oaks Mall are 5, 6, 20, 62 and 75, where you can take route 23 to Santa Fe College. For the complete route map and schedule, go to  Santa Fe College students and staff may ride standard RTS buses for free when showing a current Santa Fe College ID. For more information on RTS buses for Santa Fe students go to

University of Florida students, faculty and staff also may ride free with their Gator 1 card.  RTS offers multiple bus routes on campus with service to every area of the University and routes to all points of the City of Gainesville as well.  To find the buses you need go to the RTS Gator Locator at  Save money, avoid traffic and parking hassles and get to where you need to go quickly by using RTS.

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