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Apartment Community:   You need to know the parking rules of your apartment community.  The rules are different and vary from apartment community to apartment community. You may have a designated lot or space specifically for your apartment that you must park in. You could have to have a parking sticker that is given to you by management in order to park in the community. Make sure you park in the proper location and remember NOT to park in a tow away zone, fire lane, or handicapped space.  Without a special permit for the area you will most likely be towed. Park legally and avoid the cost of towing because towing is expensive.

Guest parking:    As with resident parking, guest parking at apartment communities also varies.  It is best to ask management where your guest would park before your guest arrives.  Some apartment communities have guest spots and others require a decal provided by management when the car is in the community. Be sure your guests follow the parking rules because they can be towed too.

House:   The city has certain codes and requirements for parking if you live in a house. Parking is not allowed on the grass, in your yard, or on your neighbor’s yard or grass. You can be towed or ticketed for parking illegally.

City:   There are parking permit areas in some sections of Gainesville specifically around the University of Florida and downtown areas. These permits are for people who live or work near these areas. The permits can be purchased through the city. See the City of Gainesville Web site at

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