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Roam Towing

Trespass towing occurs in many apartment communities, parking lots and businesses in the city where a contract exists with towing companies and the businesses. When parking in the City of Gainesville and apartment communities, make sure you park in a proper place. In the downtown area, especially, check for postings or signs about time restrictions and who is able to legally use parking spaces and lots. Roam towing means that there are towing companies patrolling restricted areas and they will tow immediately if someone is parked illegally. If you aren’t towed first, you will most likely get a parking ticket if you park illegally.

What to do when you’ve been towed

If your car has been towed, look for a sign posted in the area where you parked. There should be a sign with the information about the towing company you need to contact. If you cannot locate this sign, contact the Gainesville Police Department at 334-2400. You will have to provide the location from which you were towed, and the make and model of your vehicle. Be prepared with a valid ID, proof of vehicle ownership and the proper amount of money in order to retrieve your vehicle. Towing cost you money and the longer you leave the vehicle in impoundment, the more money it will cost you.

If you have a complaint about roam towing, contact the Roam Towing Advisor Board at and click on Forms & Services.

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